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TNT20 - it's Dynamite!
TNT-20 and T-12

A whole new way for you and your team-mates to actively play and enjoy cricket. We've created this brand new exciting format to enable more cricket fans to move up beyond gully/backyard cricket and actively play the game - despite the space limitation constraints and lack of cricket fields in urban India.

Our TNT-20 and T-12 formats are a further innovation and enhancement of Indoor/ Box Cricket - our innovations enable you full value for the entire range of cricket shots and full incentive to reach for the high scoring 6's and 4s !!
You get to play in a fully enclosed, floodlit arena, with amazing technology and feedback to enjoy match highlights and your actual match performance customised analyses such eg wagon wheels, worms, manhattans, pitch maps etc - just as if YOU were playing top notch IPL level as seen on TV!!

  • The TNT-20 is a premiere level experience in a larger arena for 11 a side per T-20 rules modified slightly for an enclosed arena. Duration ~2 hours per match
  • The T-12 format is a modified 6 a-side format, designeed to ensure everyone gets to participate fully: Each player in a team bowls two (2) overs and gets to bat in a pair for four (4) overs per pair. Further if you are out you get to keep on batting your quota of overs, but with a penalty negative run deduction for each time you are out. With jackpot balls and bonus targets to hit it’s non-stop excitement.
  • Both formats are a great fun way to play the game as well as a valuable training ground for young players with more time in the 'middle' in a real match situation, beyond 'mere net practice'.
  • Leagues are available for teams of all standards – novice, social or competitive.

Enquire with us for scheduling, pricing and to register a team.

You can’t beat TNT-20 and T-12 for great entertainment and a good work-out. Played on a court with a full-length pitch, enclosed by netting, which allows for high scoring excitement with no delays. As in traditional cricket, the basic skills of running, hitting, fielding & throwing are the backbone of the game. But an innovative format and scoring system ensures equal participation by all players and continuous involvement.

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