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Team sports are a great fun way to motivate, energise and build team spirit for your employee teams. Come to SportsChamps for some great fun options for employee and stakeholder engagement options. Sportacular offers special customised games and events to help accelerate the team building process with games that promote equal participation by all players.

Full corporate days, family fun and community engagement days, enjoy live telecasts of major sporting events, lunchtime & after work events, inter-company competitions, regular social games, can be arranged.
Activities can be conducted before, after or instead of a meeting and special entertainment, catering and merchandising packages are available
to ensure a truly memorable event. Contact us to make a booking or for more information.
  • Personal tournament manager
  • Team tournament packs
  • Sports Arenas and equipent
  • Uniforms
  • qualified referees and scorers
  • trophies and medals
  • entertainment

Special customised touches:
  • Cheer-leaders
  • Celebrities
  • Commentators and special broadcast effects
  • Personalized invites
  • Branded merchandise
  • Venue branding
  • Video and highlights package


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